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    1. A Framework for Learning to Request Rich and Contextually Useful Information from Humans
      Khanh Nguyen, Yonatan Bisk, and Hal Daumé III
      In ICML, Jul 2022


    1. Interactive Learning from Activity Description
      Khanh Nguyen, Dipendra Misra, Robert Schapire, and 2 more authors
      In ICML, Jul 2021


    1. Help, Anna! Visual Navigation with Natural Multimodal Assistance via Retrospective Curiosity-Encouraging Imitation Learning
      Khanh Nguyen, and Hal Daumé III
      In EMNLP, 2019
    2. Vision-Based Navigation With Language-Based Assistance via Imitation Learning With Indirect Intervention
      Khanh Nguyen, Debadeepta Dey, Chris Brockett, and 1 more author
      In CVPR, 2019
    3. Global Voices: Crossing Borders in Automatic News Summarization
      Khanh Nguyen, and Hal Daumé III
      In New Frontiers in Summarization Workshop at EMNLP, Nov 2019


    1. Reinforcement Learning for Bandit Neural Machine Translation with Simulated Human Feedback
      Khanh Nguyen, Hal Daumé III, and Jordan Boyd-Graber
      In EMNLP, Sep 2017
    2. The UMD Neural Machine Translation Systems at WMT17 Bandit Learning Task
      Amr Sharaf, Shi Feng, Khanh Nguyen, and 2 more authors
      In WMT, Sep 2017


    1. Posterior calibration and exploratory analysis for natural language processing models
      Khanh Nguyen, and Brendan O’Connor
      In EMNLP, Sep 2015